Pricing Policy (EN)‏

Updated on: 2023/01/01. Our pricing policy refers to how we (Memenu) set the prices of our products and services based on different aspects such as costs, value, demand, and competition. The current pricing policy of Memenu is based on a combination of two – methods of pricing channels:
Our prices are genuine reflections to how our clients perceive the value of our products and services. The value of a product and service is derived from customer needs, preferences, expectations, and financial resources as well as from competitors’ offerings.
We set our prices by determining what other companies competing in the market charge. Memenu Products and Services Memenu provides the listed below products and services where clients will have a full access to in return of a form of subscription fees.
  Products and Services Description & Clarification
1 Digital menu with QR code Clients can use Memenu to create for their restaurants/shops a digital menu equipped with unlimited number of modifiable photos, shapes, descriptions, prices, and specifications. Clients can print out, use, or display their specific QR code at anytime and anywhere.
2 Ordering System Through the platform of Memenu, diners/shoppers can order their desired meals or items using their phone or any other device and pay the restaurant/shop in a very simple and secure way.
3 Payment Gateway Restaurants/Shops can accept payments from diners/shoppers via Viva Wallet payment gateway, our partners in providing smooth payment experience. This will be subject to a low percentage of fees to be collected by Viva Wallet and Memenu. ·  All credit and debit cards are accepted. ·  Smooth payment process · Secure online payments · Payments for restaurants/shops are to be transferred to their accounts the next day. · No hidden costs. Zero transaction fees
4 Kitchen Display System An interactive display system that allows kitchen staff to view and manage orders. This provides accuracy and time efficiency.
5 Delivery System This gives Restaurants/Shops the option to do and manage deliveries.
6 Allergens Display allergens on each menu item.
7 WhatsApp Status Send order status to diners/shoppers via WhatsApp. Inform them about the progress of the order.
8 Floor plan Manage your areas. It allows Restaurants/Shops to plane and manage the spaces of their facilities.
9 Custom domain Allow Restaurants/Shops to point their domain to their menu in Memenu.
10 Ordering date and time Restaurants/Shops can determine a limited number of orders and manage time between orders.
11 Feedback ·  Diners/shoppers can write their thoughts and feedbacks. ·  Restaurants/Shops can use these feedbacks in their advertising and marketing activities. ·  Restaurants/Shops can build up a trust and a better reputation among diners/shoppers. 
Prices The following table determines the specified fees of which will be collected from clients (Restaurants/Shops) in return of a full access and use of the above listed products and services.
Original Price  in SEK Current (Promotional) Price in SEK Fees %
Percentage Remarks
Monthly Subscription 499 349 x x
Annually Subscription 3999 2999 x x
Long Term Subscription Currently Not Available Currently Not Available x x
  Payment Gateway Fees   Viva Wallet Fees on Mastercard/Maestro/Visa x x 1.20% Private EU Debit Cards
x x 1.30% Private EU Credit Cards
  Memenu Fees on Mastercard/Maestro/Visa x x 0.40% Private EU Debit Cards
x x 0.30% Private EU Credit Cards
  Total Fees (Total fees that will be collected by Viva Wallet and Memenu) x x 1.6%
Sales of subscriptions to clients are made at such prices and at such discounts as may be established by Memenu from time to time and which are in effect at the time a subscription is placed. In the event of discrepancies between published prices on Memenu website and prices on discount levels that appear on the order verification, the price appearing on the order verification shall be applied. Memenu will abide by the discounted prices given to clients until the end of the related subscription period, Thereafter Memenu has the right to adopt the original prices for new or renew subscriptions.